Guidelines for Entrants

Greetings from the Las Vegas Concours

This brief overview will give insight into our judging process. Your car will be judged for originality, authenticity and condition using the standard judging forms and judging guidelines issued by the International Chief Judge Advisory Group (ICJAG).  Such judging promotes proper preservation and correct restoration. Many other shows have subjective judging based more on vehicle attributes such as styling, design, or cosmetics.  It is always best for entrants to know the nature of the judging beforehand so they may be more properly prepared.

When the class judging is subjective, it often leads to entrants being afraid to drive their car for fear of a deduction for evidence of use.  ICJAG does not endorse such judging, often referred to as French judging.  Such judging may also result in cars receiving awards that are not totally correct in terms of originality or authenticity.  On the other hand, honorary judging for Major and Special Awards is deliberately subjective.

Objective ICJAG class judging focuses on authenticity and condition in the regular classes and originality and condition in preservation classes.  Condition refers to proper function and appearance.  It does not mean components should look or work better than new.  If so, there will likely be a deduction for over-restoration.

ICJAG class judging stresses originality and authenticity while realistically evaluating condition. Vehicles are expected to be presentable, but excessive cleanliness is not necessary. There are no deductions for minor evidence of use such as a paint chip or a ding.  Some signs of age, use and patina are expected and acceptable.  Cars are meant to be driven.  Artificial or applied patina is not acceptable.  Entrants will be asked to start the engine and demonstrate that instruments, lights, signals and horn operate properly. Wipers will not be checked.

Deductions vary from 1/2 point to 5 points.  Most deductions will be 1/2 point to 2 points.  The maximum 5 point deduction will be taken if the car does not start, frame has been altered, wrong engine type is installed, or the coachwork is a total re-body done out of period (normally 10 years beyond the date of original manufacture).  Replicas, reproductions, conversions and re-creations are not eligible for judging.  If the car does not start, the entrant has the time it takes to judge the next car (normally 15-20 minutes) to correct the fault and be re-evaluated. Failure to start is automatic disqualification for Best of Show.

Entrants are encouraged to study the ICJAG judging form and read the ICJAG Guidelines for Judges.  The judging form and the guidelines are deliberately limited to one page for ease of use and reference.  Such material is frequently listed in programs or provided as a handout.  All of the standard ICJAG forms and guidelines can be viewed on the ICJAG website at  www.icjag.org

Any questions may be addressed to Chief Judge John Carlson at carlson44@shaw.ca or 604-931-5948 PS

Wherever ICJAG judging is done, results feedback is available upon request.  Entrants desiring their results may contact the Chief Judge after the show for verbal feedback.  Subjectively judged shows seldom provide such feedback. Originality, authenticity and condition are important.  We all need to be working together to properly preserve and correctly restore our cars for the benefit of future generations.  Lack of judging results feedback runs counter to this important objective.

Relax and have an enjoyable day.  When the judging team arrives to judge your car, let the chief class judge know of anything unique or unusual about your car that places originality or authenticity in question.  Please remember, if your car is to be judged, you (or an authorized representative) must be present to open the panels, start the car and demonstrate the proper functioning of the various components to the judges.

Thank you for participating. Enjoy the show!

John Carlson, Chief Judge

Las Vegas Concours

We are pleased and honored that our Chief Judge is John Carlson and that our Honorary Chief Judge is Dr. Gerald Greenfield.

Our Honorary Judges will be Dr. Paul Sable, and Ed Gilbertson.

Our team of professional and experienced judges will do their best to choose the vehicle that exemplifies the Best of Show during this event.

Who will win the Inaugural Helene Award for Best of Show?


Chief Judge

John Carlson is serving his 19th year as President and CEO of the (NAACC) National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada Corporation. He is a Classic Car Club of America Master Judge and a past National President of the Vintage Car Club of Canada.

He is a multi-decade member the Model A Ford Club of America, Early Ford V8 Club, British Columbia Hot Rod Association, Vintage Racing Club of BC and the Allard Owners Club. He has been a Chief Class Judge many times at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours and has served for well over 20 years. He is a permanent Chief Judge at the Hilton Head Concours, Arizona Concours, Cobble Beach Concours, Crescent Beach Concours, Vintage Car Club of Canada and the NAACC. He serves on the Steering Committee for the LeMay America’s Car Museum. He is a Charter Member of the International Chief Judges Advisory Group.

John Carlson has been inducted into three Motorsport Hall of Fames and was a recipient of the prestigious Lee Iacocca award in 2015. He is a retired Technology Education teacher and resides with his wife Koko of forty plus years in the seaside village of Belcarra British Columbia Canada.

Honorary Chief Judge  DR. GERALD GREENFIELD

Honorary Chief Judge

Gerald Greenfield has been involved in the Collector Car Hobby for over five decades. He is a Master Judge and Life Member in the Classic Car Club of America. He judges at five major Concours d’ Elegance events around the country and serves as an Honorary Head Judge at the Hilton Head Island Concours and Head Judge at the Pacific Northwest Concours. His favorite Collector Cars include a 1931 Model A Ford Deluxe Blindback Sedan, a 1941 Cadillac Deluxe Coupe, a 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Styline Sedan, a 2001 Camaro Dale Earnhardt Intimidator, a 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG and a 2016 Corvette Stingray.

Honorary Judge  DR. PAUL SABLE

Honorary Judge

Dr. Paul Sable is a retired University professor from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. He is an automotive historian, author, collector and overall car enthusiast. Paul has been a chief judge at nearly every major Concours in the United States including the Hilton Head and Boca Raton Concours. He has been a Chief Class Judge at the Pebble Beach Concours many times. Paul collects hybrid cars of the 50’s such as Dual Ghia, Hudson Italia, Nash Healey and Facel Vega. He is a Ghia expert and is currently researching homemade cars of the 1950’s and early 60’s. He is part of the founding group and Chief Judge of the Elegance at Hershey. Paul is the Honorary Chief Judge at the prestigious Arizona Concours and the Cobble Beach Concours in Canada. Paul is a devoted family man and has a passion for gardening. He resides with his wife Diane and son Yuri in Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania. He is often referred to in Concours circles as the Renaissance Man. The Las Vegas Concours is proud to have him serve as an Honorary Judge.

Honorary Judge  ED GILBERTSON

Honorary Judge

Ed Gilbertson is Chairman of the International Chief Judge Advisory Group (ICJAG) assisting over fifty shows across the world seeking to improve their judging.  He is Chief Judge Emeritus for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Palm Beach Cavallino Classic, and Ferrari Club of America.  He is also founder and Chairman Emeritus of the International Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA), and is a senior adviser and committee member for the Federation Internationale Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) and the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA).  He is also a member of the SAE Historic Vehicle Standards Committee.  He was a contributing author for The Stewardship of Historically Important Automobiles, co-author for Ferrari Spyder California, and is a contributing editor for Cavallino magazine.  Ed has three degrees and is a retired engineer and professional money manager.  He is also a retired USAF reserve officer.


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Gary Bobileff 
Les Burd   
David Carlson  
Dr. JJ Carlson  
Richard Carlson
Stan Dickison  
Raoul San Giorgi  
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Somer Hooker  
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Ed Tatios   
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Jim Thomas  
Michael Tillson  
Kip Wasenko   
Ed Winkler


Entrants may choose to have a vehicle Judged, or as Exhibit Only. Judged
entries shall have the field priority. Exhibit Only entrants may NOT be changed to Judged on the day of the show.

Class judging will begin at 9:30am. Award presentations will begin at approximately 2:30pm. Exhibitors must be with their vehicle when judging takes place. Vehicle score sheets will not be returned.

Entrants are advised to check their vehicles between 12:30pm and 1:30pm. A ribbon will be placed on vehicle windshields stating if the Entrant has won an award. Entrants should remain at their vehicle until directed to drive to the trophy presentation area.

All Entrants must stay on the field until the Best of Show Trophy has been presented. No exceptions.